ANNART botanic Philosophy

Natural Therapy is a definition of ANNART botanic which created by a founder pharmacist who expertise in pharmaceutical sciences and Herbology, including Aromatherapy. Proudly to present alternative product that obtains from nature originated by blending various types of oils that providing suitable features to those with symptoms of Life Syndrome such as headache, migraine, backache, knee pain, trigger finger, neck and shoulder stiffness, not feel fresh, work performance decreased or insomnia. Applying ANNART botanic and massage will enhance product performance. 

The use of natural ingredients

To select the ingredients used in ANNART botanic, we prioritize aroma, the efficacy and safety of users. Beyond blended various essential oils for fragrances and properties, we also add natural oil base like Shea Butter oil into each product series. Shea Butter is extracted from Shea nut enriched with vitamin A, D, E and F which help refining and moisturizing skin when oils absorbed. It also helps protecting damaged skin and reducing wrinkles


 Shea Butter


Essential oil benefits

From past to present, essential oils are utilized to relieve various ailments. Using essential oils can preliminary relieve and prevent further illness. If there is a symptom of illness, physical wellness will be unbalanced and not being in normal condition. Therefore, using essential oils either by inhalation or massage the oils on skin will make you feel relaxed physically, mentally and emotionally. Ultimately, body balance will be able to adjust to normal condition again.


Each essential oil has different aroma, thereby, using single essential oil may not present fragrance as equal as retrieved from several-blended essential oils. However, blending several essential oils that provides excellent aroma and remains relieve properties is virtually art and science of formulation creation. It requires numerous times of experiments until getting the best efficient formulation.


06 April 2016

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