SABAI Portable Aroma Spray
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21 December 2017

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SABAI Portable Aroma Spray

SABAI originated from Thai word conveys the comfortableness when using product for pains and aches relief.

Primary essential oils features of this formulation:

     Lemon grass               - reduce muscles pain, freshen up

     Lemon                        - freshen up, reduce muscles pain, reduce muscles pain

     Orange                        - stress relieve, reduce muscles pain, stimulate blood circulation

     Citrus                          - reduce cramps, improve blood circulation

     Lavandin Abrialis       - reduce pain, reduce inflammation, relaxing, freshen up


How to use

  1. Spray oil on hands and massage on spots
  2. Spray on scented cotton bag for inhalation
  3. Spray on handkerchief or mask for inhalation


Massage spots

PALIN - nose (inhalation), temples, neck

SABAI - nose (inhalation), neck, shoulder, fingers, elbows, knees, legs, feet

NITRA - nose (inhalation), neck, chest



External used only, keep in room temperature and avoid heat and sunlight.


Weight 30 ml

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